Definition of haymow in English:



  • A stack of hay or part of a barn in which hay is stored.

    • ‘The barns, like the one with haymow brimming in the Department of Agriculture image, were constructed around here in the late 1800s.’
    • ‘Every inch of the haymow and the lean-to are now neatly stacked and plugged with small bales of both alfalfa and grass hay.’
    • ‘It's hay that may have become moldy - if it was moist when put in the haymow - but it is just as effective for mulching as good hay, and a great deal cheaper.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the haymow was ablaze with a searing, white light.’
    • ‘Silos replaced the haymows for storing animal feed.’
    haystack, rick, hayrick, stook, mow, barleymow
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