Definition of haying in English:



mass noun
  • The activity of mowing and drying grass to make hay.

    ‘the local council declared the opening date for haying on the prairie lands’
    as modifier ‘the haying season’
    • ‘They had already busted a lot of bales while haying because someone had bought cheap twine and it had molded and rotted.’
    • ‘She wouldn't mind helping out a bit more and driving a tractor, but managing haying equipment was a bit of a foreign concept to her.’
    • ‘She also sold maple syrup and sometimes helped during haying.’
    • ‘Annual winter weeds are germinating rapidly, suggesting early weed pressure on grazing and haying crops.’
    • ‘Traditionally, haying also starts about this time and 29 June was a time for fairs.’
    • ‘Some are haying, green chopping, or grazing their corn.’
    • ‘Managed haying and grazing is allowed under certain conditions.’
    • ‘With haying completed in this field in northwest Custer County, the large hay bales break the flow of the natural Plain.’
    • ‘When selecting an alfalfa variety, consider whether it will be primarily grazed, or harvested with a combination of haying and grazing.’
    • ‘Like fire and grazing, the haying rejuvenates older grasslands by removing dead vegetation and opening up the grass canopy.’
    • ‘First cut haying operations are now about 70 per cent complete.’
    • ‘Due to her contribution, it was not necessary to hire help, except occasionally during haying season.’
    • ‘In the three decades of its existence, the Community mechanized such once laborious tasks as haying, harvesting, and ice cutting.’
    • ‘Hiring one boy, I tackled the biggest job on the farm: haying.’
    • ‘Producers who suspect extensive damage should talk with their crop insurance agents to see if the field might be released for haying or grazing.’
    • ‘She drove a hay truck and tractor as early as age 10 and mowed and raked during haying season.’
    • ‘Short trees can be mowed with a shielded mower shortly after regular cutting and haying.’
    • ‘Adam's tractor has been used for maple sugaring, for sheep farming, for haying, and for a multitude of other activities over the years.’
    • ‘Every step in the haying process I understand, but what methods do you use to spread so much seed around?’
    • ‘Some birds will re-nest if the nest is destroyed by predators or by human activities, such as cultivating and haying.’