Definition of hay fork in English:

hay fork


  • A farm tool with a long handle and two or more sharp metal prongs, used for lifting hay or straw.

    ‘a nineteenth-century wooden hay fork’
    • ‘Prickly pear was gathered, held over a fire on hay forks to burn off the prickles, then chopped up.’
    • ‘Other lightning victims had been holding metal objects such as golf clubs, fishing rods, hay forks, or umbrellas.’
    • ‘Fishermen used to supply the canneries by rowing out from the cannery and filling their boats with fish using hay forks.’
    • ‘The 1875 and 1880 catalogues show that the line was increased considerably in those few years, especially in the variety of chopping axes, scythes, and hay forks.’
    • ‘When the brothers moved to Muncy, the company had 1,400 hay forks on order.’
    • ‘There are all manner of lesser imps and demons, but the great Satan hisself is red and scaly with a bifurcated tail, and he carries a hay fork.’
    • ‘According to the company history, the hay fork, a labor-saving device that was new to the market, gained acceptance by farmers after a contest took place.’
    • ‘Local lore has it that the fish were once so plentiful that it was possible to skewer them with hay forks.’
    • ‘They lighted their way with a fired sod of turf held on a hay fork.’
    • ‘They accordingly withdrew for a few moments to procure whatever they could lay their hands on in the form of weapons—staves, pikes, hay forks, sickles, and even spades.’