Definition of Hay diet in English:

Hay diet


  • A diet in which carbohydrates are eaten at separate times from fruit and proteins, in the belief that this aids digestion.

    • ‘The Hay diet is a food combining diet created by Dr William Hay in the early 1900s.’
    • ‘I also did the Hay diet, which cured arthritis in my feet.’
    • ‘Food combining has become the hallmark of the Hay diet in recent years.’
    • ‘He also maintains a healthy lifestyle, favouring the Hay diet, which avoids mixing proteins and starches in the same meal.’
    • ‘Food combining, often referred to as the Hay diet, is one of the few logical dieting methods that most health and fitness specialists would recommend.’


1930s: named after William Howard Hay (1866–1940), the American physician who devised it.


Hay diet