Definition of hawsepipe in English:



  • An inclined pipe leading from a hawse hole to the side of a ship, containing the shank of the anchor when the anchor is raised.

    • ‘A glaring omission, though, is the lack of a hawsepipe or hawsehole.’
    • ‘Examining the port side, the anchor chain can be seen to hang down from the hawsepipe a foot or so and then abruptly end without an anchor.’
    • ‘I added anchors and hawsepipes to the front of the ship.’
    • ‘I removed all of the hawsepipes, stainless steel fittings and rod holders to polish them.’
    • ‘The anchor chains rumbled through hawsepipes.’
    • ‘The anchor is now stored touching the hull in three places and seated in the top of the hawsepipe.’
    • ‘When the cleat tried to go through the hawsepipe, it jammed and ripped a section of the hull completely off the boat.’
    • ‘An anchor line is fed through the hawsepipe.’
    • ‘With this design, water passing up the hawsepipe went to the main deck, rather than below deck.’