Definition of hawkfish in English:



  • A small tropical marine fish found chiefly in the Indo-Pacific region. It typically lives in shallow water and adopts a distinctive perching or ‘hovering’ position just above coral.

    Family Cirrhitidae: three genera and several species

    • ‘Among pendant black coral lurked those photographers' delights, tiny orange and red long-nosed hawkfish.’
    • ‘A hawkfish was lying motionless in a spot with a good overview.’
    • ‘From the cooler water morwong, to a splendid angelfish and the brightly speckled hawkfish, this oceanic haven in the middle of a vast sea vibrates to the rhythm of the Pacific's currents.’
    • ‘I was delighted to see long-nosed hawkfish on the black coral: the first I had seen east of Fiji.’
    • ‘Hidden in one sea fan I spotted an old favourite, the long-nosed hawkfish.’
    • ‘There is also a surprisingly good population of pixie hawkfish skittering between the corals and they all seem to want to pose for the camera.’
    • ‘We noticed hawkfish, blennies, gobies and a variety of crustaceans, often camouflaged with bits of sponge and soft coral for protection.’