Definition of have tickets on oneself in English:

have tickets on oneself


NZ, Australian
  • Be excessively proud of oneself.

    ‘she dressed me up fit to kill and I must confess I had a few tickets on myself as I walked’
    • ‘Some people have tickets on themselves; other people just sniff and say ‘if you need to ask, you couldn't afford me.’’
    • ‘Mariah, you might have noticed, has tickets on herself.’
    • ‘Oooh, he certainly has tickets on himself, doesn't he?’
    • ‘Here's a star centre who, unlike many in the Auckland and Canterbury teams, doesn't have tickets on himself.’
    • ‘His girlfriend has married his brother, the affable local copper (Andrew S Gilbert), and everyone is suspicious about why the bloke who always had tickets on himself is back.’