Definition of have the time in English:

have the time


  • 1Be able to spend the time needed to do something.

    ‘she didn't have the time to look very closely’
    • ‘Will they have the time to spend coming to grips with them?’
    • ‘Who else has the time to spend on baseball everyday?’
    • ‘Whichever way you head into the fjords, you are likely to start at Bergen, and if you have the time it is worth spending a couple of days there.’
    • ‘They were expected to take care of themselves, and besides did not have the time to spend.’
    • ‘We can afford to take advantage of some of the distractions that other people dream about but just being able to, having the time and the money to do it, doesn't make us any happier.’
    • ‘Alana simply did not have the time to spend any significant amount of time with someone else, nor the energy.’
    • ‘I enjoy being among the French fans and actually having the time to be able to concentrate on the job in hand without any distractions.’
    • ‘It was part of the deal that his wife had the time to spend on the family, Sophie and Sam, and that he earned the money to support them.’
    • ‘Unfortunately I haven't had the time to spend with him that I should have.’
    • ‘During my exercise crazed days I wasn't working, so had the time to spend pumping weights and running around the aerobics arena.’
  • 2Know from having a watch what time it is.

    ‘as he gets close to me, he asks if I've got the time’
    • ‘I think the last time I wore a tie was March, and a watch is useless since your cell phone already has the time on it.’
    • ‘Everybody with a cell phone has the time on it, so they're not selling as many watches as they once did.’
    • ‘“Hey mate, have you got the time?”’