Definition of have something to one's credit in English:

have something to one's credit


  • Have achieved something notable.

    ‘he has 65 Tournament wins to his credit’
    • ‘He has a gold medal to his credit in the same season.’
    • ‘The two lads have many successful recordings to their credit.’
    • ‘What adds to his versatility is the fact that he has several publications to his credit, including school and college course books and newspaper articles.’
    • ‘But a dwindling band of reform-minded supporters say the prime minister does have some successes to his credit.’
    • ‘Though young, he has many achievements to his credit.’
    • ‘He was an active member of the badminton club and had many trophies to his credit.’
    • ‘In his lifetime, he had several books to his credit.’
    • ‘He has many books to his credit and we are all looking forward to his latest.’
    • ‘John Lloyd was engaged to build the church to a design by architect Benjamin Ferrey who had several churches to his credit.’
    • ‘She has many short stories to her credit and had plans for a second book.’