Definition of have something out in English:

have something out

phrasal verb

  • Undergo an operation to extract a part of one's body.

    ‘that was the year we had our tonsils out’
    • ‘So it appears that amputation of the soul isn't just a simple surgical job like having your appendix out.’
    • ‘She'll be having her tonsils out two days before Christmas.’
    • ‘One dentist's visit cost 7/6 and having a tooth out cost 3 / 6.’
    • ‘Going for a job interview is more traumatic than having a wisdom tooth out.’
    • ‘Who among us doesn't know someone who had their tonsils out as a kid?’
    • ‘The weekend started off on a bad note when our captain Chris Conway was forced to withdraw from the team after having his appendix out on Friday.’
    • ‘I also looked after a teenage boy who was having his tonsils out and signed his consent form forbidding us to give him blood in an emergency.’
    • ‘Thinking back, I suppose I was lucky in a way, because I was never really ill, apart from having my tonsils out - I think that was the only time I was in hospital.’
    • ‘On top of everything, my daughter Leigh is having her tonsils out tomorrow and we're moving house on Thursday!’
    • ‘I'm having a wisdom tooth out today, at 14: 25 GMT.’