Definition of have something off (or down) pat in English:

have something off (or down) pat


  • Have something memorized perfectly.

    ‘she has her answer off pat’
    • ‘This guy had the patter down pat, but you could never tell where!’
    • ‘It is not so much a question of what makes a criminal - Lucy has the answers off pat, ‘poverty, a failing system of education and the values of a monetarist society’ - but who exactly is the criminal and to what degree?’
    • ‘In a few years' time, they'll have it down pat - just like they have with Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘I know that in about a month he will have the whole thing down pat and wont even break a sweat the next time he has to read an excerpt out of his book.’
    • ‘Clearly this satirical tale of the beautiful people who orbit an enigmatic film producer has its avant-garde checklist down pat.’
    • ‘I admit I'm more of a 70s girl myself, but even I could appreciate that Alba has the moves down pat.’
    • ‘I guess the most reassuring thing is that if this English degree doesn't land me a job I'll have the stay-at-home-dad thing down pat.’
    • ‘Obviously Amazon and Allmusic have the basics down pat - simple catalogue-related facets of a release, which make it easy to find and sell music.’
    • ‘I also think that, even though I know exercise is a huge part of weight loss, if I can take this ‘down’ time to really focus on my foods, by the time I'm given the go-ahead to workout I will have the food thing down pat.’
    • ‘A caged canary at a craft shop in rural England had the whole whistle down pat.’
    • ‘Just when you think you have this parenting thing down pat, they throw you a curve.’
    • ‘Vice magazine had the contradiction thing down pat almost from the get-go.’
    • ‘And some performers have the genre down pat: you can't help but be taken into the stories they tell.’
    • ‘I suppose if Franklin were home everyday he might have the whole thing down pat.’
    • ‘In fact, Moran has it down pat; he has a relentlessly petulant stance on all things even slightly enjoyable - barring, of course, the odd cigarette or glass of wine, but then that goes without saying.’
    • ‘We stood at the bar for the obligatory age watching the barwoman wow the waiting gents with her glass tossing routine (she had it down pat but it wasn't terribly impressive the 10th time).’
    • ‘Home to such institutions as the War Crime Tribunal and International Criminal Court, The Hague definitely has the justice thing down pat.’
    • ‘As every other occasional Londonite could tell you, navigating the city takes a jolting adjustment to the pace and punch of making your way around, and not all of us have the cockney charm off pat.’
    • ‘He's always going to have had the action stuff down pat, but it's the beats between where he's really impressed me.’
    • ‘I'm so used to this sort of attack that I now have my response off pat.’
    word-perfect, by heart, by rote, word for word, parrot-fashion, verbatim, by memory, memorized
    memorize, commit to memory, remember, retain, learn by heart, learn, learn by rote, impress on the memory, become word-perfect in
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