Definition of have someone on in English:

have someone on

phrasal verb

  • Try to make someone believe something that is untrue, especially as a joke.

    ‘that's just too neat—you're having me on’
    • ‘He then said he could actually see two, but I thought he was having us on.’
    • ‘It was the fact that the story would obviously have caused such distress to his family that made us suspend the journalistic imperative to tell you that this guy was having us on.’
    • ‘I didn't believe him - I thought he was having me on.’
    • ‘Even so, the book almost works, because Victor is one of the most unreliable narrators I've met, and he may or may not be having us on.’
    • ‘His approach is to stigmatise everyone on benefit and give the idea that they are having us on.’
    • ‘We've been having you on for two and a bit millennia.’
    • ‘She just announced that she was getting married and we thought she was having us on.’
    • ‘And then, after they started to give each other worried looks, we smile, and say, oh, just having you on!’
    • ‘My first reaction was that the writers were having us on, but sadly I think they're serious.’
    • ‘When it came to the short clay pipe, sure I was having you on.’
    play a trick on, play a joke on, joke with, trick, tease, rag, pull someone's leg, fool about, fool around
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