Definition of have someone's number in English:

have someone's number


  • Understand a person's real motives or character and thereby gain some advantage.

    • ‘Yep, there are plenty do-gooders are out there and they have your number, baby, trust me.’
    • ‘Whatever your dessert personality, Café Crepe has your number.’
    • ‘They can't easily strike in the Middle East precisely because Syria, Egypt, Algeria, etc. have their number and have undertaken massive actions against them.’
    • ‘He had our number, all of us, the whole flawed species.’
    • ‘You certainly had my number when you guessed that the only math I can do is the one that comes after…’
    • ‘If the cops have your number, you will be screwed no matter how law-abiding you are.’
    • ‘As George W. Bush and John Kerry race through their final prep sessions before Friday night's St. Louis slugfest, each of them undoubtedly believes that, in effect, he has your number.’
    • ‘The cunning sniper up on the hill in the first mission certainly had my number.’
    • ‘From two sets up Tim tried to head for the finish, but Canas reeled him in with thundering forehands and a deep-seated belief that he had the Briton 's number.’
    • ‘He has our number: people so mesmerised by the material that they only care about the spiritual if they can add ice and lemon to it after they've whisked it through duty free.’
    as a bonus, as an extra, into the bargain, to boot, in addition, besides, as well
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