Definition of have no business in English:

have no business


  • Have no right to do something.

    ‘he had no business tampering with social services’
    • ‘If some people eat meat, animal lovers have no business to object.’
    • ‘There are certain areas where courts and bureaucrats have no business.’
    • ‘In fact, Congress has specifically said that federal courts have no business in probate issues.’
    • ‘There are those who say that religionists have no business in politics.’
    • ‘They fail to discourage behaviour which harms others while getting more and more involved in trying to control private behaviour where they have no business to interfere.’
    • ‘Children whose parents are still alive should have no business on the streets.’
    • ‘I think Trudeau's philosophy of the government having no business in the bedrooms of this nation isn't such a bad idea.’
    • ‘Since these auto parts makers rely so heavily on such a small number of companies to sell to, they have no business but to actively involve in cutting their own throats.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court reaffirmed its position that corporations have no business in our elections trying to influence our vote.’
    • ‘I have no business with anything that is in a customer's pocket.’