Definition of have it your (own) way in English:

have it your (own) way


  • in imperative Used to indicate angrily that although one disagrees with something said or proposed, one is not going to argue further.

    ‘have it your way—we'll go to Princetown’
    • ‘Okay, fine, have it your way, but I want that paternity test.’
    • ‘We shouldn't just throw up our hands and exclaim, ‘Fine, have it your way!’’
    • ‘‘Okay fine,’ my Mom said flinging her hands in the air. ‘You guys just have it your way - I'm obviously wasting my breath.’’
    • ‘‘Fine, have it your way,’ Amber said somewhat reluctantly.’
    • ‘‘Fine, have it your way,’ Laura snapped, tears springing to her eyes.’
    • ‘John looked at her and then sighed, ‘Fine Sam, have it your way.’’
    • ‘‘Okay, have it your way,’ I pause, letting her know I'm serious, ‘what do you want?’’
    • ‘‘Fine, have it your way,’ said Vince without any emotion. ‘Wreck the place, turn it inside out.’’
    • ‘I'm not the one he needs protecting from, but have it your way.’
    • ‘He shrugged, ‘Fine, have it your way.’’
    • ‘Very well, have it your way, but don't say we didn't warn you.’