Definition of have it coming (to one) in English:

have it coming (to one)


  • Be due for retribution on account of something bad that one has done.

    ‘his uppity sister-in-law had it coming to her’
    • ‘He did not look around, for he knew he'd have it coming to him.’
    • ‘The international community, on the other hand, will say that they had it coming to them.’
    • ‘But hell, it's not like the other guy didn't have it coming to him, being on the other team and all.’
    • ‘‘I suppose I had it coming to me, though,’ he added.’
    • ‘They had it coming to them, but does one wrong ever justify another?’
    • ‘And anyway, if you really did it, I'm quite sure they had it coming to them.’
    • ‘Really, the subliminal message here is that this woman had it coming to her.’
    • ‘The dialogue reinforces the mob suggestions: ‘There's nothing I can do, he's had it coming to him,’ says a barman.’
    • ‘I stole a lot when I was younger, so I definitely had it coming to me.’
    • ‘Yet it is too simplistic to suggest that these raiders had it coming to them.’