Definition of have had it in English:

have had it


  • 1Be in a very poor condition; be beyond repair or past its best.

    ‘the car had had it’
    • ‘The roof's had it.’
    • ‘Yeah it's had it. I purchased a bulk lot of 5, with the seller saying he had not tried them and would not replace them if they did not work.’
    • ‘Ordinary cars had had it, their fat, sporty tyres utterly lost in the Arctic chill.’
    1. 1.1 Be extremely tired.
      ‘tomorrow she would motor on through Germany, but for today, she'd had it’
      • ‘I've had it, I'm going home’
    2. 1.2 Have lost all chance of survival.
      ‘when the lorry smashed into me, I thought I'd had it’
      • ‘Once local residents move their car they have had it.’
      • ‘It was like I was in slow motion, but I must admit I thought that I had had it.’
      • ‘It's had it now as a business, because the power of the supermarkets is too great for what was a useful social service.’
      • ‘There's still 16 days to go, but he says the government has had it.’
      • ‘If any company fails in sales, then the company has had it.’
      • ‘As soon as you take away actors' control, live theatre has had it but I don't think we've reached that far.’
      be in trouble, be going to be punished, be going to suffer the consequences, be going to pay the price, be in for a scolding, be going to answer for something
      have no chance, have no hope, have failed, be finished, be out, be defeated, have lost, have no chance of success, have come to nothing
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  • 2Be unable to tolerate someone or something any longer.

    ‘I've had it with him—he's humiliated me once too often!’
    • ‘He reached for Nat again, who by this time had had it and was sick and tired of the crazy loon.’
    • ‘I have had it up to here with your silly nonsense and gossip.’
    • ‘The mothers who have lost their children, and there are many, and the children who have lost their parents, have had it with the ‘be patient’ response.’
    • ‘The public has had it with this Government, and no lolly scramble in the forthcoming Budget will save it.’
    • ‘A film aficionado has had it up to here with blood, guts and gore.’
    • ‘It comes with a small keyboard, correctly assuming that the public have had it with writing on screens.’
    • ‘I have had it up to here living in these conditions and I cannot take it anymore.’
    • ‘I have had it with members of your party undermining our troops.’
    • ‘By eighth grade the Special Ed class had had it with the teasing, and we got together during break times to back each other up.’
    • ‘Well I have had it with social networks now. I do not actively use any of them so I am just deleting all my accounts.’