Definition of have a word in someone's ear in English:

have a word in someone's ear


  • Speak to someone privately or discreetly, especially to give them a warning.

    ‘back in those days the referee would have a quiet word in your ear and warn you not to do it again’
    • ‘We are there to support the London bid for the Olympic Games and we will certainly be having a word in his 's ear about the situation.’
    • ‘Someone must have had a word in his ear because he looked fit to burst the moment he stepped down from his horse.’
    • ‘The signs are that someone had a word in Andrew 's ear and convinced him not to put his name forward.’
    • ‘He might have a word in Bertie's ear and encourage him to resort to some land travel instead of spending millions on jets.’
    • ‘Another denizen had a word in Ritchie's ear, and suggested that he try Hong Kong for a while.’
    • ‘If he doesn't know that this is not an appropriate costume for a member of the royal family to wear to a party, shouldn't one of his advisers had a word in his ear?’
    • ‘Well, it could be that they just found it dull but it is also possible that the super-powerful green jackets had a word in their ear and ‘asked’ them to play it down.’
    • ‘I wouldn't stop him being England skipper, I'd just have a word in his ear.’
    • ‘The local Labour leader has since had a word in the minister's ear regarding the conditions for their future support of their colleague.’
    • ‘If he was an only child, maybe somebody should have a word in his ear…’