Definition of have a nice day in English:

have a nice day


  • Used to express good wishes when parting.

    ‘I hope you enjoyed your meal. Thank you and have a nice day!’
    • ‘If they turn you down or make an excuse, thank them anyway and tell them to have a nice day.’
    • ‘… Thank you for your time, ma'm, have a nice day.’
    • ‘I'm outta here for the first Auburn game in a few minutes, so y'all have a nice day, and may your team do well.’
    • ‘And he went upstairs and looked in my room and my kids' room and came back downstairs and told me to have a nice day.’
    • ‘Thank you for traveling with us, and I hope you have a nice day!’
    • ‘I hope you enjoyed the flight and thanks for flying with American Airlines, have a nice day.’
    • ‘I truly hope that you have a nice day and that you do take some time to appreciate the day.’
    • ‘There was no please, thank you or have a nice day.’
    • ‘Thank you all for coming, and have a nice day,’ he announced.’
    • ‘‘So have a nice day, then,’ I said sarcastically to break off the awkwardness.’