Definition of have a lock on in English:

have a lock on


North American
  • Have total control over.

    ‘he has a lock on much of the political establishment in Georgia’
    • ‘If they couldn't win in 2004, they will never win, because the Republicans now have a lock on absolutely every political and judicial instrument in the country.’
    • ‘Usually, major-party candidates wait until they have a lock on the presidential nomination before diving to the center.’
    • ‘The Democrats should have a lock on domestic policy.’
    • ‘I don't know who's going to win - or what good it does now to pretend your guy has a lock on it.’
    • ‘Say you work or go to school in a state where the Republicans have a lock on all the important offices.’
    • ‘We know that Republicans have a lock on Bible Belt social conservatives and Sun Belt business de-regulators, but why do they play so well among middle American rural voters?’
    • ‘To begin with, it has never been the case that professionals have a lock on publication.’
    • ‘But it doesn't hurt the union; the union has a lock on Hollywood.’
    • ‘If the phase-out crew didn't still have a lock on fidgety right-wingers with poor social skills, where would they be?’
    • ‘It is easy to believe that the devil has a lock on what is popular.’