Definition of have (or want) no truck with in English:

have (or want) no truck with


  • Avoid or wish to avoid dealings or being associated with.

    ‘we have no truck with that style of gutter journalism’
    • ‘Personally I would have no truck with the armed tradition.’
    • ‘I have no truck with anyone who uses violence, death or destruction to advance their position.’
    • ‘The landlord has strict ideas about customer conduct and will likely have no truck with jugglers or squads of students handing out flyers.’
    • ‘Teenagers, especially, have no truck with things joyful.’
    • ‘The junior minister had only just been telling us that she was having no truck with those that would claim ignorance at this stage of the game.’
    • ‘This means, among other things, having no truck with market research, PR companies, management consultants, etc.’
    • ‘It suggests that speedy determination is something that future generations may not thank us for, and something that more thoughtful, mainstream architects should have no truck with.’
    • ‘He said: ‘We have no truck with anyone who supports violence.’’
    • ‘And this is why most sensible men will have no truck with such foolishness.’
    • ‘Obviously society should have no truck with vexatious or spurious claims, but when people suffer damage to their lives or to their careers it is only equitable that they should be awarded adequate compensation.’
    dealings, association, contact, communication, connection, relations, intercourse
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