Definition of have (or take) a butcher's in English:

have (or take) a butcher's


  • Have a look.

    • ‘Meanwhile, Sharky's takes a butcher's at the P3 1.13GHz CPU.’
    • ‘Anders suggests that I ‘have a butcher's’ at this page, which glosses diamond geezer as ‘A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man.’’
    • ‘He kicks off at Kelvingrove in Glasgow where he will take a butcher's at Salvador Dali's St John Of The Cross.’
    • ‘‘I think I might just mosey on down and take a butcher's,’ the PFY says, exiting stage left.’
    • ‘We don't usually write about boozers, but being ex-pats we are always intrigued by foreign attempts at British-style pubs, so Bob and I popped into the recently established Dog & Bone down Lambton Quay to have a butcher's.’
    • ‘So have a butchers at that if nothing else.’
    • ‘In the case of Peter Sarstedt, music and lyrics gave the impression that the singer intended to crack the listener over the head with a lump hammer and have a butcher's inside.’
    • ‘Have a butchers at the first team squad and read each players profile.’
    glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, fix one's gaze, focus
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