Definition of have (or keep) one's eye on in English:

have (or keep) one's eye on


  • 1Keep under careful observation.

    ‘I've got my eye on you—any nonsense and you're for it!’
    • ‘Others saying that it felt good to be home, but they're keeping a very watchful eye on Rita.’
    • ‘And we know you keep your eye on that very carefully.’
    • ‘According to Rutherford, the team had its eye on young center Matthew Stajan in the second round.’
    look at, see, observe, view, gaze at, gaze upon, stare at, scan, regard, contemplate, survey, inspect, examine, scrutinize, study, consider, glance at, take a glance at
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    1. 1.1have one's eye on Hope or plan to acquire.
      ‘there was a vacant bishopric which the Dean had his eye on’
      • ‘The name Cottage doesn't do justice to the house Keane has his eye on.’
      • ‘That goal took Duff's tally for the season to four and he now has his eye on more between now and the end of the season.’
      • ‘As for having my eye on ‘the main career chance’, I'm a freelancer, Jack.’
      • ‘I'm on a retail roll, and there's this tasteful rugby top I have my eye on.’
      • ‘With this in mind, Mr Brown will have his eye on making a big splash, hoping to follow up his speech with well-aimed and well-received tax incentives.’
      • ‘Men, don't fear that cute little genius you have your eye on.’
      • ‘‘If I can do the next two film scripts then I can afford to do the two theatre commissions that I have my eye on,’ he says.’
      • ‘I'm fascinated to watch yet I get sad whenever he scoots over to something he has his eye on.’
      • ‘Beck had his eye on the site for years before acquiring it in 1999.’
      • ‘So, with such an array of films on offer, is there anything in particular that the event's director has his eye on?’