Definition of have (or give) it large in English:

have (or give) it large


  • Go out and enjoy oneself, typically with drink or drugs; go clubbing.

    ‘are you still having it large every weekend?’
    • ‘Despite the setbacks, both front tyres have no problem dispersing the power, even giving it large from a standstill, it barely bites back with any torque steer.’
    • ‘I'm 43, and anyway she's the one that's out all the time, giving it large with her bridge club homies, experimenting with herbal infusions.’
    • ‘Some celebs were actually earning a crust rather than just living it up and having it large.’
    • ‘It was the sound of having it large, having a laugh and having the musical ‘x’ factor to match the headline-grabbing boasts.’
    • ‘The Pixies are back out and giving it large on the phonogram thingy.’
    • ‘No one wants to see gran and gramps in hot pants, nose jewellery and clip-on pony tails giving it large down the disco.’
    • ‘Dark, sleek, minimalist and atmospheric bordering on sinister, this is the kind of club where you might see Darth Vader having it large.’
    • ‘Yes, middle England and the Outer Hebrides was there, united as one, in a scene not witnessed since last time I was at Glastonbury, sitting in a tent, listening to Primal Scream giving it large.’
    • ‘They are giving it large with their renditions.’
    • ‘The privileges were returned, and Irish players were often seen giving it large on both sides of the Blackthorn bar.’