Definition of have (got) someone's back in English:

have (got) someone's back


  • Be prepared to offer support or assistance to someone.

    ‘my parents always have my back’
    • ‘I'm his friend and I've got his back.’
    • ‘We have to show the president we have his back.’
    • ‘There's nothing like being able to spend down-time with the people who have your back.’
    • ‘I've got your back because I know what you're going through.’
    • ‘What she needs is to know that you've got her back if things get rough for her, that you're looking out for her best interest.’
    • ‘I can trust that my wife will have my back.’
    • ‘He had written, in tiny, impeccable handwriting, "I know you'll always have my back."’
    • ‘Unfortunately when she sticks her neck out, no one has got her back.’
    • ‘As a person with enough journalists as friends, I know many of them bless the copy editors for having their backs.’
    • ‘I have always been the little sister that has his back.’