Definition of have (got) no idea in English:

have (got) no idea


  • Not know at all.

    ‘she had no idea where she was going’
    • ‘Wanting to impress someone, but having no idea who my boss is, I headed to Ted Turner's office, who may or may not own my company.’
    • ‘I LOVE having no idea what time it is, all the livelong day.’
    • ‘The way the story is told by people who analyse Westminster for us, a landslide victory was in fact a cunning ruse culminating in millions of people all turning up at polling stations on the same day, and having no idea why they were there.’
    • ‘All this time, Marlow was becoming fascinated with the idea of Kurtz - having no idea what to expect, he still felt a certain loyalty to the man.’
    • ‘I can certainly remember having no idea what we were preparing for.’
    • ‘Perhaps one of the most notable changes was this, my foray into the blogosphere, something I began in the belief that I likely wouldn't continue for long and having no idea of the friends I would make all over the world.’
    • ‘Where that idea came from she had no idea but then, she always was a bit of a dreamer.’
    • ‘But there we were - passionate, engaged, and having a great time with the journey, having no idea what the destination looks like.’
    • ‘In addition to having no idea what it's like to live without health coverage, I guess these folks haven't heard of public health either.’
    • ‘I went into the conference having no idea what the response would be; this was, after all, the only conference I had ever been to where there was a prayer to open the banquet.’
    have no idea, not have any idea, be ignorant, not have an inkling
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