Definition of have (got) it in one (to do something) in English:

have (got) it in one (to do something)


  • Have the capacity or potential (to do something)

    ‘everyone thinks he has it in him to produce a literary classic’
    • ‘We are a group of social entrepreneurs and believe that we have it in us to fulfil our dreams.’
    • ‘Keep up the good work, Jonesy, we know you have it in you.’
    • ‘We all have it in us to be more creative, original and individual than we think we are.’
    • ‘Because I hadn't written a song for 12 years, I believed I didn't have it in me.’
    • ‘Taylor said: ‘Everyone has it in them to become an entrepreneur.’’
    • ‘This is a young squad with a great future and the Edinburgh game showed we have it in us.’
    • ‘We don't know if we still have it in us to surf the big waves.’
    • ‘Not everyone has it in them - or has the inclination - to emulate Livingstone or Scott or Ellen MacArthur.’
    • ‘I'll bet you have it in you to be not just gifted and talented academically, but gifted and talented with people too.’
    • ‘I fear that there are people who have it in them to be compulsive gamblers but do not know it, and could become addicted if there was a casino on their doorstep.’