Definition of have (got) another think coming in English:

have (got) another think coming


  • Used to express the speaker's disagreement with or unwillingness to do something suggested by someone else.

    ‘if they think I'm going to do physical jerks, they've got another think coming’
    • ‘London will have taken some heart from our recent results but if they think they can turn us over, they have another think coming.’
    • ‘But if someone thinks we are going to be driven away they have another think coming.’
    • ‘If you think I want to model in discount catalogues for the rest of my life, you have another think coming.’
    • ‘Those who may think so have another think coming.’
    • ‘Closest rival Microsoft has well-publicised problems of its own - and even if it overcomes these, the accelerating pretender has another think coming if it imagines that it has an easy shot at becoming world number one.’
    • ‘Any woman still thinking that men are like buses and there'll be another one along in a minute has another think coming.’
    • ‘If we think - despite what I've said about us being better than last year - if we think even for a moment that we are good enough with the present squad to win the championship next season, then we will have another think coming.’
    • ‘If you thought the ethnic game, which held in thrall several generations, had paled into insignificance in the wake of the popularity of spectacle sports such as cricket and football, you have another think coming.’
    • ‘That may satisfy some people suffering from Frankenfood fixation, but if they think proud British eco-warriors are going to be put off by the facts, they have another think coming…’
    • ‘If they thought that they could get away with it, they have another think coming.’