Definition of Havarti in English:



mass noun
  • A mild, semi-soft Danish cheese with small irregular holes.

    • ‘Creamy cones of havarti strike a balance with these salt-and-vinegar stars.’
    • ‘Havarti was created in the 19th century by cheese maker Hanne Nielsen. Havarti is available in flavors ranging from mildly sharp to strongly aromatic.’
    • ‘'Another area of growth we have seen is seasoned gourmet cheeses such as dill havarti and sun-dried tomato mozzarella,’ she adds.’
    • ‘The smoky, spicy, espressolike flavors of this wine from the south of France are delicious juxtaposed against the buttery creaminess of the havarti.’
    • ‘We went home, and I made myself sandwich using a hot dog bun, a slice of havarti cheese and some sliced roast beef.’


Named after the farm of the Danish cheesemaker Hanne Nielsen.