Definition of havan in English:



  • A ritual burning of offerings such as grains and ghee, which is held to mark births, marriages, and other special occasions.

    ‘I told her that you would arrange a havan and marry her with due formalities’
    • ‘On March 5, 2000, when the 125th anniversary of the Arya Samaj was cerebrated on the island, more than 165 havans (fire rituals) were performed.’
    • ‘And they brought five Brahmins here to do a yagna or havan to ‘clean up’ the temple because we had entered the premises.’
    • ‘You know Indians are cricket crazy when a village in Haryana performs a havan to ensure that India will win against Pakistan in the World Cup.’
    • ‘The Shiva-Vishnu Temple performs Gayatri havan periodically to propitiate the Lord.’
    • ‘Each day begins and ends with hatha yoga, meditation and worship at the havan, or fire ceremony.’