Definition of haute couture in English:

haute couture


mass noun
  • 1Expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses.

    ‘rails of haute couture’
    • ‘Unlike haute couture, prêt-à-porter clothing isn't one of a kind.’
    • ‘What's a fashion show without the haute couture?’
    • ‘Despite the attempt by the forum to insist on casual dress, it is hard to part many businessmen from their suits, or their wives from their haute couture.’
    • ‘Once tailor made for the doyennes of chic, high-fashion magazines served up haute couture that only an elite few could actually afford.’
    • ‘Ebony Fashion Fair commentator Jada Jackson Collins took the stage and once again the haute couture adorning the captivating models dazzled the audience.’
    • ‘Her dress, something between a medieval period costume and the latest haute couture, trailed behind her as the wind lifted it softly above the ground.’
    1. 1.1 The designing and making of haute couture clothing.
      ‘the champions of haute couture insist that it can be as visionary as any art form’
      ‘an elegant example of haute couture’
      as modifier ‘an haute couture outfit’
      • ‘Slender of thigh and elfin of feature, she proceeds to conjure up a world in which haute couture is seamlessly entwined with high culture.’
      • ‘Internationally acclaimed Beri showcased a combination of ethnic and western outfits while presenting her haute couture collection.’
      • ‘The gallery is also littered with timeless examples of haute couture.’
      • ‘He was thrilled at the unexpected turn of events that brought him into the world of haute couture and top designers.’
      • ‘Whether they are haute couture, designer trousers, or ripped jeans, V-necks can be tucked in or left out of pants, to create the perfect look.’
      • ‘These women wear haute couture clothes of silk and ermine set off with expensive pearl jewelry.’
      • ‘Most of the western haute couture houses are represented in Moscow, mainly in the Kuznetsky Most district just north of Red Square.’
      • ‘They've been doing that ever since haute couture was hatched - Coco Chanel herself claimed that fashion begins on the streets.’
      • ‘Now that he wants to retire, Pierre Cardin, the legendary designer who brought haute couture to a women's ready-to-wear line, is discovering the disadvantage of marketing to the masses.’
      • ‘The leading lights of international haute couture fawned over her.’
      • ‘The retirement of Parisian style giant Yves Saint Laurent marks the end of an era for haute couture, fashionistas said this week.’
      • ‘Upon seeing some of the beaded garments, she revealed that she used to work for haute couture beading and embroidery institution House of Lesage in Paris.’
      • ‘Once the preserve of haute couture designers, London Fashion Week is embracing the clothing revolution by giving official recognition to the high street and supermarkets.’
      • ‘Too many Russian designers focus on haute couture instead of less glamorous but more profitable ready-to-wear lines.’
      • ‘She's just scooped one of the world's top fashion awards, but will the rising star of haute couture ever manage to escape her famous father's orbit?’
      • ‘Compared to Dior, Armani's haute couture is certainly a lot less dramatic, but there was certainly a more distinct difference between this collection and the normal RTW collections.’
      • ‘Born in Stockholm, Sweden, the artist trained for three years in design crafts and haute couture dressmaking and created one-off garments sold in boutiques in Stockholm.’
      • ‘Constantly alter your new look with a dizzying range of haute couture hair accessories to keep everyone guessing.’
      • ‘The haute couture collection bears the nucleus of the full blossoming of the brilliance that was the fall 2004 collection.’
      • ‘While Mr Saint Laurent's house of haute couture will close, the name will not disappear.’


French, literally ‘high dressmaking’.


haute couture

/ˌəʊt kʊˈtjʊə/