Definition of haut-relief in English:



mass nounSculpture
  • another term for "high relief" (see relief (sense 4))
    • ‘We have in our church painted pictures; we have sculptures, both bas-relief and haut-relief.’
    • ‘They can be engraved, sculpted in bas-relief, in haut-relief and in certain cases they are cut out with varying degrees of openwork.’
    • ‘The central element, the sarcophagus, is decorated with eight haut-reliefs relating an event in the history of the Este-Guelph family.’
    • ‘A haut-relief (high relief) projects more boldly from the surface, giving the relief a much more sculptural or three-dimensional appearance.’
    • ‘The main carvings are in haut-relief on the stone facing of the cathedral, showing superb skill and craftsmanship.’


Mid 19th century: French, literally ‘high relief’.