Definition of haulm in English:



  • 1A stalk or stem.

    • ‘As the haulms grew they were top dressed with the same compost as before and supported by canes and string.’
    • ‘Blight is a terribly cruel fungal attack which leaves the potato haulms in shreds just as though a herd of locusts had ravaged the whole crop and, yes, it can literally happen that fast.’
    • ‘In reality organic potato producers frequently have to remove potato haulms early because of foliage blight.’
    • ‘Blighted potato haulms can be cut off and burnt, or placed in the rubbish.’
    • ‘I saw a neat vegetable patch the other day, with the onion haulms all pushed over, straightened and laid in the same direction to allow the sun to get at the tops.’
    stem, shoot, trunk, stock, cane, bine, bent, straw, reed
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    1. 1.1mass noun The stalks or stems collectively of peas, beans, or potatoes without the pods or tubers, as used for animal bedding.
      ‘potato haulm’
      • ‘Sulphuric acid is widely used to wither the leafy foliage, or haulm, on potatoes before harvesting.’
      • ‘Straw or haulm from treated crops must not be used as animal feed (or bedding) for at least 4 days after last application.’
      • ‘Before harvesting haulm is pulled, cut or killed using chemicals. In general haulm destruction takes place 10-15 days before harvest.’


Old English healm, halm, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch halm and German Halm, from an Indo-European root shared by Latin culmus ‘stalk’ and Greek kalamos ‘reed’.