Definition of hauler in English:



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    North American term for haulier
    • ‘It does rely on all parties co-operating - mills, log haulers, contractors, government and drivers, which is no small feat.’
    • ‘On Friday night, a private hauler contracted by the city to collect garbage during the strike attempted to unload 18 trucks at a garbage-processing plant.’
    • ‘In general, this meant 4-5 miles of transport; water haulers received up to three cents per gallon, which was a more profitable business than mining!’
    • ‘And a nine-day strike by private garbage haulers last fall meant other Streets and Sanitation workers were diverted to pick up bags that had piled up.’
    • ‘Not too many years ago, New York City sanitation workers got pay and benefits so far above those of private refuse haulers that those city jobs were passed down through families like precious heirlooms.’
    1. 1.1 A lorry used for the transport of goods or materials.
      ‘a three-ton hauler’
      • ‘A lot of times we're gone and we just show up and the cars are on the hauler and you have to have confidence that they're assembled properly and set up properly.’
      • ‘Once the car was in the hauler, the two couples headed back to Geoff's motor home.’
      • ‘Over the winter, I sold our motorhome, trailer, and one of our two race cars, then purchased our current rig, a Kodiak hauler and 49-foot two-car Gold Rush trailer.’
      • ‘The Microbus' exterior is quite faithful to the old, oblong-shaped VW bus, which was a popular family hauler in the U.S. as well as a flower-power mobile.’
      • ‘My guys used to have to fight their way through crowds just to get to the car in the garage or to get to our hauler.’