Definition of hatha yoga in English:

hatha yoga

Pronunciation /ˈhaθə//ˈhʌtə/


mass noun
  • A system of physical exercises and breathing control used in yoga.

    as modifier ‘hatha yoga exercises’
    • ‘According to Yoga Journal, hatha yoga emerged in the ninth century and is the foundation of the physical postures called asanas.’
    • ‘I have always made it a point to convey to my students that these hatha yoga asanas (physical positions) and meditation methods spring from a vibrant, living religious tradition.’
    • ‘There are 40 types of yoga, but Americans are most familiar with hatha yoga, which focuses on poses, stretches, breathing exercises and meditation.’
    • ‘If that's the case, then like most people in the United States, you're interested in hatha yoga - a style of yoga that uses physical postures and breathing exercises designed to encourage relaxation and meditation.’
    • ‘Non-nutritional therapeutic strategies included tongue cleansing, skin brushing, massage, relaxation, breathing exercises and hatha yoga to aid toxin removal, improve stress levels and flexibility.’


From Sanskrit haṭha ‘force’ and yoga.


hatha yoga