Definition of hate crime in English:

hate crime


  • A crime, typically one involving violence, that is motivated by prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds.

    ‘legislation to stiffen penalties for persons convicted of hate crimes’
    mass noun ‘why has hate crime increased?’
    • ‘We had been eating dinner when something about a hate crime against a young gay man came up on the TV.’
    • ‘Prosecuting murder as a hate crime only lets the rest of us think we're off the hook, while it tramples on justice.’
    • ‘As she gained more experience, she moved into the hate crime unit and worked with domestic crime and had special responsibility within the racial crime unit.’
    • ‘If convicted of a hate crime, you could spend up to two years in jail.’
    • ‘When a hate crime occurs, it doesn't matter what the actual orientation of the victim is.’
    • ‘Police treated Robert's attack as a hate crime, but his assailants have never been caught.’
    • ‘Police are appealing for witnesses in what they think was a homophobic hate crime this week.’
    • ‘Sangha was shot in the temple with a pellet gun, in what he believes to be a racially motivated hate crime.’
    • ‘The officers responsible for the beating were terminated and prosecuted for what the courts viewed as a hate crime.’
    • ‘Last month he was murdered in what the police treated as a homophobic hate crime.’
    • ‘A hate crime isn't just directed towards the actual members of a minority group.’
    • ‘How many people do you know who've been the victim of a hate crime where the perpetrator has gone unpunished?’
    • ‘This anonymous critic mistakenly used free speech as an excuse for committing a hate crime.’
    • ‘Other measures include a new team to tackle bogus official burglaries and an increase in hate crime reporting centres.’
    • ‘Racist hate crime is rising in the city and police say jingoism during Euro 2004 may be to blame.’
    • ‘This culture of safety and danger was produced by campaigns about hate crime and local crime reporting initiatives.’
    • ‘The vandal, snared by an off-duty librarian, was arrested and charged with a hate crime.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire police today confirmed they were treating the incident of assault and criminal damage as a hate crime.’
    • ‘Was the arson a hate crime, they asked, an attempted triple homicide, or a hoax?’
    • ‘The savage attack has been classified as a hate crime by the Police Department.’


hate crime