Definition of hate campaign in English:

hate campaign


  • An organized series of hostile actions motivated by intense dislike or prejudice.

    ‘the actress has become the target of a hate campaign by fans of her ex-lover’
    • ‘The hate campaign, which began in 1984, continues unabated.’
    • ‘The arson attack was the latest event in a six-month hate campaign.’
    • ‘The vicar has spoken of his sadness at learning of a hate campaign directed at him.’
    • ‘This gave him further encouragement to carry on his hate campaign.’
    • ‘A couple today told how they were pushed to breaking point by a vindictive neighbour who waged a 15-month hate campaign against them.’
    • ‘How can they forgo their responsibility to combat hate campaigns?’
    • ‘Police are investigating a hate campaign being waged against a primary school headteacher.’
    • ‘There is a hate campaign against me, and everything I say is wrongly interpreted.’
    • ‘Police are appealing for the public's help in tracking down the person behind the hate campaign.’
    • ‘His ongoing hate campaign all over the state helps keep the kettle on the boil.’