Definition of hate-mongering in English:



  • (especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse feelings of hatred.

    ‘inflammatory, hate-mongering rhetoric’
    • ‘The cause of their victimization was nothing but hated against us from a hate-mongering feudal and military ruling class.’
    • ‘We aren't calling him a raving, hate-mongering racist, although some will.’
    • ‘Not enough people will vote and those that do mostly embrace today's hate-mongering administration.’
    • ‘It is much harder for these groups effectively to counter hate-mongering sites by creating their own sites with equally powerful messages that would divert the surfers to their counterarguments.’
    • ‘It would be wrong to jump to any conclusions, and wrong for hotheads to mount reprisals that would only play into the hands of hate-mongering fanatics.’
    • ‘With all the hate-mongering forces out there the most subversive thing you can do is be happy.’
    • ‘I think guns do kill people, though I suspect hate-mongering white supremacist groups that trade in fear and ignorance have something to do with it as well.’
    • ‘She said he was coming to the city for one reason - to spread his hate-mongering vitriol on the world stage.’
    provocative, provoking, inflaming, incendiary, inciting, agitating, agitational, stirring, rousing, instigative, fomenting
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mass noun
  • The arousal of feelings of hatred using speech or writing.

    ‘hate-mongering and incitement to violence’
    ‘stop the racist hate-mongering’
    • ‘He considers the time is now ripe also for regulating hate-mongering.’
    • ‘Any fear and hate-mongering among societies against an ethnic or religious group, as a whole, is just as despicable as the act that spawns it.’
    • ‘More voices like these are sorely needed to counteract the intolerance and hate-mongering that all too often pass for expressions of faith.’
    • ‘We're always wary of giving this mutant form of hate-mongering any more publicity.’
    • ‘This is a space for intellectual discussion, not a space for hate-mongering.’
    • ‘It seems that even the brightest mind is susceptible to hate-mongering, given enough exposure to it.’
    • ‘The mainstream press has long perpetuated the myth that death and black metal are concerned with nothing more than a need to shock the listener through violence and hate-mongering.’
    • ‘If we, as Pagans, stand by and promulgate hate-mongering or fail to take action against the hate then you throw wide the door of opportunity for such hatred to be directed toward you because you are Pagan.’
    • ‘The most violent hate-mongering is overlooked if done in the name of the oppressed.’
    • ‘Hate-mongering is a feature of extremist internet chatrooms around the world.’
    • ‘This was an orgy of hate-mongering and incitement to violence, insurrection and murder.’
    • ‘The hate-mongering extends to his peers in the media, who it seems now have more to fear than merely a career change.’
    • ‘He is highly selective in deciding what constitutes "hate-mongering."’
    • ‘Hate-mongering is not a matter of free speech.’
    • ‘It is vital that we investigate and expose these neo-Nazis, and render their hate-mongering impossible.’
    • ‘If they can turn down the hate-mongering and turn up the optimism and the subtle, nuanced insinuations, it might just work.’
    • ‘I'm disgusted that this kind of hate-mongering would be directed at our police officers.’
    • ‘Hate-mongering is against Canadian values and Canadian law.’
    • ‘He accused his former employer of "hate-mongering" and said many of the stories he was asked to write were made up.’
    • ‘How ironic that this former hate-monger is now editorializing against hate-mongering!’