Definition of hate-filled in English:



  • Full of hatred; very hostile.

    ‘a bitter, hate-filled man’
    ‘a hideous, hate-filled political doctrine’
    • ‘It also campaigned for the liberalization of travel between the two countries and for the revision of hate-filled school textbooks.’
    • ‘I'm truly outraged an organization willingly stands behind such hate-filled teachings.’
    • ‘This 'loving community' turns into a 'hate-filled mob'.’
    • ‘She feared for her safety and suffered panic attacks after receiving a hate-filled, anonymous threatening letter, believed to have come from a colleague.’
    • ‘All elected officials should be speaking out against this hate-filled effort.’
    • ‘It gave an excuse for people to declare their love for each other, which isn't really such a bad thing in our hate-filled world.’
    • ‘His message and his hate-filled ideology have instructed and inspired untold recruits and imitators.’
    • ‘Tears stung my eyes and I found myself gazing up at him with a hate-filled look.’
    • ‘Because of the constant anguish of their hate-filled and obstinate hearts, they continually spoke against him with the venom and poison of their vicious and deceitful tongues.’