Definition of hatbox in English:



  • A large cylindrical box used to protect a hat when being transported or stored.

    • ‘Even though I've bought the MINIMUM of luggage for these two weeks I still have to apologise anytime someone trips over a hatbox or two.’
    • ‘On the floor beside the washstand is an English-made leather gentleman's hatbox dating from about 1830 to 1850.’
    • ‘As promised, three trunks, several hatboxes, and a few normal-sized suitcases had been carefully placed in the center, Amy already working at the task of freeing those pretties and lovelies that rested within.’
    • ‘Inside, brutalist walls made of concrete terrazzo effectively highlight the intricate craftsmanship of works ranging from 18 th-century needlework to 19 th-century hand-painted hatboxes.’
    • ‘Hide them in plain sight in fabric-covered hatboxes or file boxes.’