Definition of hat tip in English:

hat tip


  • (in online contexts) used as an acknowledgement that someone has brought a piece of information to the writer's attention, or provided the inspiration for a piece of writing.

    ‘hat tip to Chris Johnson, who alerted me to the story’
    • ‘There is a press release available at WHOI which is quite informative (hat tip to Joseph O'Sullivan for the link).’
    • ‘She begins with a hat tip toward fellow-NYT journalist John Schwartz, who she claims "made the trend official."’
    • ‘If someone posts a link to an article or news item and you see it and post it on your blog - give them a hat tip.’
    • ‘Hat tip to Liz Ditz for pointing out my grammatical error in the title.’
    • ‘Hat tip: Susan Crawford, who was there and offers a few thoughts of her own.’
    • ‘Here's the video of the segment, courtesy of the Political Teen (hat tip: Ian).’
    • ‘Hat tip to the anonymous person who suggested I send it in!’
    • ‘I missed this story when it originally came out a few days ago, so hat tip to Jeff Norris for bringing it to my attention.’
    • ‘Hat tip: Aaron, who pointed out the article at his own page, just as I was thinking "now what shall I write about today?"’
    • ‘The hat tip goes to Susan for letting me know.’
    • ‘(Hat tip to various commenters who alerted me to the numbers here.)’
    • ‘Great post (hat tip Eric at Off-Wing) on Uber-gamers at ESPN including info about a guy who designs the robot positioning systems for Mars Rover landers.’
    • ‘Thanks to Knickerblogger for the hat tip, and my apologies for being a few days late.’
    • ‘This time the hat tip goes to Instapundit.’
    • ‘(I'd post a hat tip, if only I could remember how I got there...)’
    • ‘Hat tip to Mark!’
    • ‘I read this article by Steven Paulikas of "Newsweek" in hard copy yesterday but Dan Foty has beat me to finding a link (so, a hat tip).’
    • ‘Hat tip to the's "Best of The Web Today."’
    • ‘Hat tip: U of C Faculty Blog.’
    • ‘No attribution, no thank you, no hat tip, no kiss on the cheek was provided.’
    thanks, gratitude, appreciation, praise, commendation, credit, recognition, regard, respect
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Late 19th century (originally denoting an act of raising one's hat as a polite greeting or salutation): from the phrase tip one's hat.