Definition of hasty in English:



  • 1Done with excessive speed or urgency; hurried.

    ‘a hasty attempt to defuse the situation’
    ‘hasty decisions’
    • ‘Why has the Government taken such a hasty decision to restore the old order?’
    • ‘Other scenarios are about not jumping to the wrong, hasty conclusion: a lesson, it seems, we could all learn.’
    • ‘But the wider financial district was forced into a hasty evacuation last Tuesday in a terrifying fog of dust and smoke.’
    • ‘When Bill grabbed a large broom to fend off the one-metre long reptile, it reared up, sparking a hasty retreat from Bill.’
    • ‘The campaign warns people not to let the caller in if they are suspicious, or to be pressured into a hasty decision and pay any money up front.’
    • ‘Lawson might have been better off waiting for Edinburgh's new coach to be appointed before making any hasty decision.’
    • ‘He said he had been banned from talking openly despite apologising to Mr Yacomeni and admitting he may have been hasty talking to the press.’
    • ‘Hegarty has already shown during his time at Aberdeen that he can get the best out of players and it was a hasty decision on their part to get rid of him.’
    • ‘Finally, Egoyan and Danna fielded a number of questions from the audience before making a hasty exit.’
    • ‘A self-confessed soft spot for wine and women reputedly put a hasty end to his vocation, but he is still an ardent Christian.’
    • ‘Next day I discovered that in my hasty exit I left my favourite belt behind.’
    • ‘I felt my heart begin to pound a bit faster, and took a hasty drink from my water glass to dispel my anxiety.’
    • ‘It looked like I had made a hasty and unthinking attempt to hide the fact.’
    • ‘Frankie and Wes left the party rather abruptly after that, bidding hasty goodbyes and hurrying out to the car.’
    • ‘It's too early and it's too different and we should be careful of making bad, hasty decisions.’
    • ‘About 30 minutes later I questioned my hasty departure and returned to check out the price.’
    • ‘One model-actress kept the children waiting for hours, and then made a hasty exit after five minutes.’
    • ‘This, they hold, gives the man a chance to atone for any hasty decision he might have taken.’
    • ‘A harbour is a valuable asset and it is to be hoped that no hasty decision is taken that we will regret later.’
    • ‘Last week, there were encouraging signs that the BBC would not be making any hasty decisions.’
    quick, hurried, fast, swift, rapid, speedy, brisk, hurrying, expeditious
    rash, impetuous, impulsive, reckless, precipitate, precipitous, incautious, imprudent, spur-of-the-moment, premature, ill-considered, unconsidered, unthinking, ill-advised, ill-judged, injudicious
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    1. 1.1 Acting with excessive speed or insufficient consideration.
      ‘don't be too hasty in criticizing a colleague’
      • ‘Republican candidates are arguing that a hasty withdrawal from Iraq would endanger the United States.’
      • ‘It looked as though I had been a little too hasty in getting nervous about the play!’
      • ‘"Bible students" will be under significant pressure to make hasty decisions on the basis of carefully screened information.’
      • ‘Whereas the Court is still looked upon with suspicion for its hasty ruling on the 2000 Presidential election, we note a couple instances where it has affirmed common sense.’
      • ‘Passion marks all what you do this week: there are chances of your falling in love at first sight or getting into a hasty marriage.’
      • ‘Why would you behave in a manner that we might call hasty later on?’
      • ‘But in view of the weak financial conditions and low level of technology of the local entertainment industry, this optimism seems somewhat hasty.’
      • ‘But the Prime Minister might have been a little hasty in serving notice to the Privy Council that "we are moving out."’
      • ‘The decision was not made in a hasty manner.’
      • ‘Dravid had missed out on a lovely batting surface in Multan, consumed on a rather hasty pull by Sami.’
      • ‘Apologizing for his hasty suggestion, JOH explained that a closer look at the patient's blood might provide a more accurate diagnosis.’
      • ‘Those familiar with Bresson's oeuvre will know better than to jump to hasty conclusions.’
      • ‘This aspect causes you to make hasty, sometimes regrettable decisions.’
      • ‘Yet other calamities could occur that might frighten governments and regulators into taking hasty action.’
      • ‘Challenged to a repeat bet over the next decade, Ehrlich beat a hasty retreat.’
      • ‘And Italy is wondering if it was too hasty in ratifying it.’
      • ‘With these words he kissed the hand he still held and made a hasty departure.’
      • ‘Things got worse when he was made an offer that he had to refuse and he made a hasty retreat.’
      • ‘The newly formed In Defense of Freedom Coalition held a news conference on September 20 and released a statement expressing concern over hasty Congressional action.’
      • ‘Try not to be shocked when this happens as it is only natural, and don't let yourself make any hasty decisions either.’
    2. 1.2archaic Quick-tempered.
      • ‘By nature they are naturally quick-witted, bold, hasty, quarrelsome and courageous.’
      • ‘He that is slow to anger is of great understanding; but he that is hasty of spirit exalteth folly.’
      • ‘Few blush at being termed a hasty man, but consider it is said "He that is governed by his passions is little superior to a fool."’
      impetuous, impulsive, headstrong, reckless, rash, irresponsible, foolhardy, madcap, wild, excitable, volatile, precipitate, overhasty, unruly, fiery, hot-tempered, quick-tempered
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Middle English: from Old French hasti, hastif, from haste (see haste).