Definition of hastate in English:



  • (of a leaf) having a narrow triangular shape like that of a spearhead.

    • ‘The leaflets are ovate to lanceolate, sometimes hastate, and are subtended by inconspicuous stipels.’
    • ‘We suggest that depth mostly to get adequate light to the seedlings with just hastate leaves.’
    • ‘The typical A. hastata, with upper leaves truly hastate or deltoid, and which comes north to Texas and Arizona, has petals only half and inch, and in a depauperate form only a quarter of an inch long.’
    • ‘Slender vine with hastate leaves [are] found in very specific scrub habitats on white sticky clay.’
    • ‘Leaves on mature plants exposed to full sun are narrower and hastate, usually only slightly acuminate, and truncate or slightly tapering at the base, not cordate.’


Late 18th century: from Latin hastatus, from hasta ‘spear’.