Definition of hash key in English:

hash key


  • A button on a computer keyboard or telephone keypad that is marked with a # sign.

    ‘pressing and holding the hash key activates silent/vibrate mode’
    • ‘You had to wait for exactly 15 secs and press the hash key and you'd be connected straight away.’
    • ‘I was on hold for ages, listened to repeated versions of "I Will Survive" and pressed so many options, hash keys and numbers I was totally lost.’
    • ‘You may need to use the hash key (#) to finish your number - please listen to the instructions given.’
    • ‘I feel sorry for the thousands stuck in a perpetual, message-leaving limbo after pressing that bloody hash key, just hanging around awaiting your next important instruction.’
    • ‘Graphics are perfect, just have to remember to press the hash key to get the game in fullscreen.’
    • ‘By pressing the hash key on your phone before you make a call, you automatically swap to this service.’
    • ‘It invites me to call his mobile "by pressing your hash key 17 times".’