Definition of harvester ant in English:

harvester ant


  • An ant that gathers and stores seeds and grain as a communal food source for the colony.

    Messor and other genera, family Formicidae

    • ‘The shuttle carried 15 large harvester ants found normally in the western United States so that the students could learn how space's extremely low gravity affects their tunneling behavior.’
    • ‘Some ants, known collectively as harvester ants, do consume seeds, but the seeds they eat are typically those of grasses or other plants that lack elaiosomes.’
    • ‘Grassland harvester ants harvest very few seeds of the most abundant species at the beginning of a season, but switch during the season possibly due to increasing rarity of the preferred species.’
    • ‘There are 22 species of harvester ants in the United States with most occurring in the west.’
    • ‘Harvester ants will eat almost anything but their favorite foods are fresh vegetables and fruits.’