Definition of harvest mouse in English:

harvest mouse


  • 1A small North Eurasian mouse with a prehensile tail, nesting among the stalks of growing cereals and other vegetation.

    Micromys minutus, family Muridae

    • ‘A great deal of care has gone into choosing a new habitat to help the re-introduction of the harvest mouse which used to live in great numbers in Cheshire.’
    • ‘Harvest Mice are the smallest British rodents, being just 5 to 7 cm in length’
    • ‘As its name implies the harvest mouse lives along the stems of cereal plants.’
    • ‘Foxes, rabbits, harvest mice, house mice, dormice, shrews, weasels, and voles all depend on the hedgerows as a place to breed, hunt or shelter.’
    • ‘Harvest mice are active day and night, although most activity occurs at dusk. They do not hibernate, but spend most of their time underground in the winter.’
  • 2A nocturnal mouse found in North and Central America.

    Genus Reithrodontomys, family Muridae: several species

    • ‘Across North America, the Western Harvest Mouse inhabits sagebrush steppe and agricultural areas in areas below elevations of 500 m.’
    • ‘Decadent pickleweed stands and invasive nonnative grasses, effects of the lack of tidal action, supplied poor quality habitat for the salt marsh harvest mouse on the Entry Triangle Marsh.’
    • ‘High winter tides temporarily flush endangered salt-marsh harvest mice from their burrows.’
    • ‘The salt marsh harvest mouse is a small nocturnal rodent that makes its home and all of its meals out of pickleweed, a native plant growing in the salt marshes.’
    • ‘As a result, several species unique to these wetlands are now listed as threatened or endangered, including the salt marsh harvest mouse and the California clapper rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus).’


harvest mouse