Definition of hart's tongue in English:

hart's tongue

(also hart's tongue fern)


  • A common European fern whose long, narrow undivided fronds are said to resemble the tongues of deer.

    Phyllitis or 'Asplenium' scolopendrium, family Aspleniaceae

    • ‘Pdsi is calculated for an entire climate region, for example all of the New York hart's tongue fern colonies are located in New York's climate region 10.’
    • ‘This result agrees with their suggestion that drought during the spring unfurling period would be most detrimental to hart's tongue ferns, arresting the development of new fronds.’
    • ‘The unique sites at which hart's tongue ferns occur may provide a buffer from the regional climate allowing the species to persist in an otherwise inhospitable area.’
    • ‘During years with many very wet months understory growth may be too dense, thereby suppressing the growth of hart's tongue ferns due to very low light levels beneath a dense herbaceous layer.’
    • ‘American hart's tongue fern fronds unfurl early in the spring, achieving much of their yearly growth before canopy closure.’


hart's tongue