Definition of harrower in English:



  • See harrow

    • ‘When it rains we usually spend time at the barn working on the disk harrowers and other farming equipment, and when it dries out we are able to put the harrowers and other equipment back to work.’
    • ‘Stipends in kind were paid to 4 harrowers, 2 oxherds, a carter, cowman, gardener, beadle, and reeve.’
    • ‘We deal with tillers shares, disk harrowers, mowers and agricultural bearings.’
    • ‘The equipment chain of it consists of two plate millers, two scale plate ridgers, 1-2 multiharvest harrowers and a multiharvest loader, and 2-3 combination trailers.’
    • ‘The same year Healfden divided the land of the Northumbrians; so that they became afterwards their harrowers and plowers.’