Definition of harrier hawk in English:

harrier hawk


  • An African bird of prey with a bare yellow face, resembling a goshawk but flying like a harrier.

    Genus Polyboroides, family Accipitridae: two species, in particular P. typus

    • ‘Northern Harrier Hawks have slim bodies with long, narrow wings which they hold in a shallow V.’
    • ‘A harrier hawk has long legs, wings, and a long tail. When you see a harrier hawk fly, it is as if it is floating on the air.’
    • ‘He said a trip from Hobart to the top of the Island will produce about 300 possums, 200 hedgehogs, a few hares and rabbits, the odd rat, cat, harrier hawk, duck, finches, starling myna, seagull etc.’
    • ‘As the days cooled and shortened, Jock and Fly climbed the great hill through the lowering mists into the sunlight where harrier hawks and eaglets soared and Cheviot sheep browsed in this brilliant air.’