Definition of harpy eagle in English:

harpy eagle


  • A very large crested eagle of tropical rainforests, often preying on monkeys.

    Family Accipitridae: Harpia harpyja of South America, the largest eagle, and Harpyopsis novaeguineae of New Guinea

    • ‘The most powerful bird of prey on Earth, the harpy eagle, weighs up to 20 pounds (nine kilograms), has a seven-foot wing span, and is armed with talons as big as grizzly bear claws.’
    • ‘Although both areas have a similar climate and shared original native fauna, Barro Colorado Island lost its top predators - jaguars, pumas, and harpy eagles - after construction of the Panama Canal cut it off from the mainland.’
    • ‘The parklands are home to some of the last remaining stretches of the species-abundant Atlantic rain forest and many creatures on the ‘threatened’ list like the giant otter, Brazilian jaguar and harpy eagle.’
    • ‘Enjoy an evening with cinematographer Neil Rettig and his amazing film featuring the harpy eagle from the rain forests of South America.’
    • ‘Something about the openness of the country must conduce to largeness: this is the territory of giant anteaters and giant river otters, 20-foot-long caimans and large harpy eagles soaring overhead.’